OxalisPulse Digital Marketing Team Building

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity and luck to work across the globe in places such as New York, London, Amsterdam, Brussels and recently Malta. In every role I held regardless of the market, I was tasked to build digital marketing teams either from scratch or upon an already existing team structure. My first observation is that there is no “one size fit all” solution and every digital marketing team needs to be tailored in response to specific needs. I sometimes had to chose between hiring a person who had deep knowledge in a specific digital marketing channel but little project management and language skills for coordination; and a talent that did not have deep digital marketing channel knowledge but had great project management and coordination competencies.

Now a day, I often see companies that require for the digital marketing talent to have experience across all digital marketing channels as if one and unique person could be THE solution to all the challenges met by the hiring company. I find this approach rather unproductive and unrealistic.

Indeed, imagine that you are looking to hire someone or a company to build a house. You would likely be in touch with a sales person who knows a little bit about what it takes to build a house. The sales person would vent the reasons why it is best to work with their firm but could not answer most questions or challenges you have. The sales person would very likely then turn to one of the architects for guidance.

The architect would then design a plan; provide cost options based on material, hours needed for the work, tools usage and expert employees needed. Ultimately, the architect would have to hire experts such but not limited to plumbers, electricians, carpenters, construction workers, landscape designers and interior designers. The age diversity would very upon the level experience required to build the house. A senior electrician, would likely pass on his experience, his efficient ways of working and probably some of his contacts to a more junior electrician and so forth.

When reverting back to digital marketing, finding a digital marketing talent or in this case, a digital marketing architect who excels in each digital marketing channel is a task I have never been able to achieve.

The pace at which the digital marketing industry is moving requires that talents specialise in specific areas. It makes it very challenging for a person to both oversee and execute on digital marketing activities in paid search, SEO, display, social media, affiliate marketing and email with the accuracy required for digital marketing performance.

It is the very detailed expertise of each talent within a specific digital marketing channel that allows for efficiency / performance to be achieved. This talent can be found across a diversity of age, country of origin, gender,…

At OxalisPulse, we tap into resources that can achieve this level of granularity while remaining competitive. Our approach to remote teams helps us access the right talent with the right expertise and tailor our services to specific needs. Partners get an “A la Carte” service as opposed to a “Prix Fixe” service.

Throughout our workshop program, OxalisPulse can help its partners identify talent gaps and build teams ready to respond to the digital age.

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